We bring soft touch and flexibility to a rigid and dry industry

At AC WATERJET we consider water jet technology as another tool with which artistic creativity can be realized. While this is easier said than done, we qualify our claim by working hard at mastering our understanding of the software, hardware and the materials while adding artistic creativity to the mix in response to the requirements of our clients.

In Addition, rapid precision laser cutting of 2D and 3D metal stampings and machined components from prototype through production.

At AC WATERJET even thick layers of steel plates and stone blocks can not limit creativity and performance.There are many instances when artistic renderings, plans and templates are needed prior to the commencement of the major projects, if neglected the outcome can entail serious cost and schedule implications not to mention the heartache.

As these cases are not few and far between, at AC WATERJET we have developed a system whereby our clients will receive maximum professional attention and advise to develop the best solution to their needs, this is done through:

  • Stringent initial planning
  • Study of all available material and technical possibilities
  • Preparing a suitable design to yield optimal solution
  • Modify an existing design to fit the status quo
  • Develop and/or modify software/program for specific products
  • Run model tests for larger projects to curb uncertainties
  • Supervise the operation to the end for quality and workmanship
  • Work with and obtain feedback from the client throughout the operation
  • Remain open to reasonable suggestions, changes and modifications offered by the client
  • Drilling, tapping, etching and grinding available
  • Same day quotations
  • 2-3 day standard lead time
  • Rush service (24 hour) available
  • First engineering change at no additional cost on 2D parts
  • Standard tolerance +/- .005”
  • Ability to hold +/- .001” in some cases