CNC Waterjet Cutting is a technique by which high pressure steam of water containing abrasive particles is used to cut shapes and create designs without having to do any secondary finishing. It is cost effective and all materials are maximized to full usage. This method can be used to cut soft and hard materials. Such as Brass, Bronze, Stainless steel, Titanium. Waterjet cutting can be used by almost all industry, Aerospace, Automotive parts manufactures, all Metal cutting and Fabrication shops, Gasket manufactures, Glass and Ceramics industries.





The ultimate cutting technology just got a little better.

Our versatility applies water jet technology to much broader group of products with a cut above the rest. Our unique approach and flexibility lends itself to a fully customized design, production and assemblage not usually associated with the rigid water jet technology.

Our technical know-how and experience enables us to streamline production, and optimally utilize material and skilled manpower to the benefit of our clients.

From design and material selection to scheduling and execution, our technical staff will advise, supervise the work and stay with you until the project is terminated to your complete satisfaction.


Water Jet Technology, a brief history.


Abrasive water jet technology is used in precision cutting and drilling of materials of almost all nature and thickness. This incredible claim becomes even more outrageous when the cutting edge/drill bit used is made of high velocity water jet that contains garnet abrasive, both components extremely low costs, readily available, inert and environmentally friendly, rendering the whole operation safe, reliable, accurate and cost effective.

Low kirf and zero Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) separates the technology from its rather obsolete competition, namely flame cutting, laser and plasma technologies.

Extensive role of the software in both phases of design and production results in seamless compatibility from start to finish, minimizing supervision, wastage and run time while maximizing contour and shape cutting precision and yield.



Apart from the software-driven part of its maneuvering robotics, abrasive water jet technology was developed to its present capability only during last ten years, when high pressure pumping systems (55,000 PSI) could be manufactured in a cost effective way so as to be incorporated into the technology without raising the cost beyond the break even point.

Fine garnet abrasive is introduced before pressurized water jet leaves the jewel (usually sapphire) coated fine nuzzle. This will enable the cutting orifice to function more efficiently where applied to harder and thicker specimens.

The three dimensional positioning and speed of the whole operation is controlled by software through pre-programming.



In spite of its advance technology, the individual components of water jet cutting systems can be customized, manipulated and fine tuned to render more desirable results and open up to a wider selection of possibilities. 

At AC WATERJET we have taken great strides in exploiting these possibilities to the advantage of our clients and advancement of our operations toward a more streamline, cost effective and reliable output. Only by thorough understanding and extensive experience with each working component did we find that many of the intermediate steps in production could be merged, combined and/or bridged while others had to be introduced to make a project successful. This approach is implemented for every project independently as no two projects have the same parameters and are viewed from a totally customized perspective.

We also offer a variety of standard designs and templates, applicable to most cases and materials, to help kick start, facilitate or fully implement a project as needed by our clients where no other plan or design is available.

To better serve our clients, we take full advantage of the exceptional superiority of the Abrasive Water Jet technology as listed below.

  • It is powerful
  • It is cost effective
  • It is reliable and precise
  • It is versatile
  • It is software driven therefore requires minimum supervision
  • It yield maximum productivity with low wastage
  • It utilizes low cost, inert and readily available material to function
  • It is safe to work with in terms of odor, fume and other toxins and residue

    We guarantee our work